Stand out

Online Meeting Platform for Sales and Coaching

Losing sales using the same vanilla meeting platforms as everyone else? It’s time for your clients to feel like the VIPs they are and see you with the respect you deserve.

The Only Solution for Independent Sales Representatives and Coaches has what you need to give you the edge that no other platform can. We focus on your client’s experience and work to make them feel valued. Giving you the support you need to better help your customers and complete more sales.

Create a Cohesive and Professional Experience

Use your logo and brand colors to establish your company’s presence and reinforce your reputation in your client’s mind. By incorporating these elements throughout your meeting rooms, you can create a cohesive and professional experience that emphasizes the importance of your brand.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Enhance your clients’ first impression by adding a custom profile to the “join” screen. Your professional profile image, contact information, and credentials will be prominently displayed, ensuring your clients know they are in capable hands.

Confidence in Learning and Performance

The “coach” role allows a trainer to be present to help the host. Chat, video, and audio are all available between the host and coach, while remaining unseen by the guest.

You can invite anyone to be a coach in your meeting rooms, no subscription needed.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity and Sales with Our Comprehensive Live Coaching Support System

The live coaching admin panel will allow you to check your team’s activity, see who needs help, and jump in an out of meetings as needed, boosting you productivity and sales.

Coach/Host Chat

You can chat with your guests as usual, but you also have a separate chat window specifically for coaches and hosts. No need to designate to send a DM, it’s automatic.


Each room has it’s own whiteboard you can share with guests. It saves your content and is editable only by you.

Other Standard Features

Of course, you can record your meetings, share your screen, change user roles, grant screen-sharing rights to guests, and more.


Account Pricing & Registration

7-Day Free Trial. Easy sign up. Cancel anytime. 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.